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With Computers & Media.

Hello and nice for you to visit Darksock.com. I am an all media producer or maybe some would call me a digital artist. I work with Web Design, Graphic Design, Sound Design, 3D Modeling, Video Production, Music production and Internet oriented technologies.

My experience with computers began at the age of 12. From the day I started with computers I knew what sat before me in its lime green glow was going to be my future. I wrote my first game at age 13 using dirty DOS on a TRS-80 from Radio Shack, followed by a Mac. Evolved to PC, dabbled with Linux. I still have that TRS-80 to this day in a closet. I did not choose to work with computers for the money ( although I wish I had ), I chose to work with computers and new technologies for the pure fascination of what can be done. While some had doubts, I never did. Especially when I did work for Nortel Networks and Intel updating company office networks that improved work flow and business efficiency. While some never believed the internet would reshape the world, I did from day one. When I taught my self HTML and began using SunSystems first Java Applets. I knew Books, Movies, Information Systems, Commerce and everyday life was going to be forever changed.

Now it is 2016 and the vision I saw as a kid continues to this day. Moore's Law still applies as computer processing and technology double up year after year. The "Singularity" is all but schedualed. Even now computers are smaller faster, and capable of augmenting the very world of what we see and hear in everyday life. Computers effect our choices everyday. Soon Computers will drive our car's, they will pick up our kids from school, they will bring stuff we buy to our door steps. At present the technologies that are coming forward will build our products and improve them almost automatically.
Yet it is all still... Just a beginning. Unreal right?
Anyways, how can I help you?

Sound Production Services

Sound Design for Games, Audio Books, Music Production for Advertising. Need a Ghost writer?

Media Production Services

Need Quality Web Design, Graphic Design, and Motion Graphics at a fair price?

Quality Productions

No matter the media to be produced, I produce media to highest qualities. In Web Production I follow the latest HTML Guidelines, and aim for the max in cross platform compatibility.

Easy To Work With

Projects I take pride in producing. I Work closely with clients to make difficult projects fun, creative and positive as they are produced. I am accessible nearly anytime for questions and ideas.

On Time Production

Be sure to contact me to be schedualed for a project. Everyone hates being in a bind time wise and due to demand, it is a good idea to contact and schedual a month in advance of any project.

MediaDev. I Do This

Bootstrap Templates

Page ads, or layouts required for a company product or service. I got templates and can make very rapid single page deployments that are affordable. I do this.

Responsive Layouts

Cross Platform designs with responsive layouts improve end user experience. That kind of end user experience can improve sales and service messaging. I do this.

Salvage Design

Have a website and enjoy some of it but not all of it? Had a designer botch a project that needs to be salvaged? Maybe the project just need some adjustments? I do this.

Coaching And Consulting

You know some of the media magic, but maybe need to improve in some area's? Perhaps looking for an outside perspective? I do this.

WordPress And Social Media Services

One of my specialties actually! Especially for small business, blogger's and web personalities. Want to build out a web presence? I do this.

Sound Design

Need custom sound for that App? Sound Scape Design for a game project? How about a good track for a product or service? I do this.


Independent Release



Only 6

Independent release


Printable and Web Ad Type Projects
$100.00 - $500.00
One Off Type Projects
  • Single Page Ad's
  • Bootstrap Page
  • Banner Orders
  • Half Page Ads
Sound Production/Motion Graphics
$200.00 - $10,000.00
Audio/Video Oriented Projects
  • Video Intros/Ads
  • Advertisement Sound Tracks
  • Game Sound Design
  • Game Sound Tracks

Lets Do This

I work with the fewest number of people possible! Juggling multiple projects to max my income is not my goal. I like to be focused on a project. My goal is to treat each client like they are my only client. This Provides quality communication, on hand answer's and the necessary concentration it takes to produce quality results on time.


Schedule Today

Contact me today to get a project estimated and scheduled. This allows me to work with individual clients in depth and personally to create the best that can be had for a project. Due to demand it is highly important to book in advance.



  • Affiliate Ball

    Darren Blatt

    The guy delivers on time, and has made my ticket design and web designs for over 5 years and running.

  • VolcanoArts

    Christine Cox

    Mark helped us to significantly cut the costs of my online business He redesigned my online store, complete with a working product database. The streamlining process of shipping products is now done with the touch of a button. We are in beta now and are very pleased with his help and work.

  • Anonymous Records


    We needed a live online radio broadcast portal and new track release portal. He did great with us!

  • Ghost Client

    A Known Label

    We never thought about getting a ghost producer, since everyone hates labels that use them, however Mark created a legit banger that we are proud of.






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